Waldmüller, Katharina

BORN 7 Apr 1794, Wien: Leopoldstadt - DIED 28 Nov 1850, Wien
BIRTH NAME Weidner, Katharina
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Marxer Friedhof, 3., Leberstraße 6-8, Simmering (Gruppe 1, 20 (Lage auf Plan))

Mezzosoprano Katharina Waldmüller was born Katharina Weidner. Her brother was portrait painter Josef Weidner. In 1814 she met the painter Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller in Agram and they married in 1814. Her husband was a difficult person with a bad temper and the marriage was problematic until they separated in 1822. He continued to terrorize her and their children and a divorce followed in 1834.

As a singer she held several engagements in Baden Baden, Brünn, Prague and other places, before she was engaged at the Kärntnertortheater in 1817. She performed there until 1846. She died in 1850 and was buried at the Sankt Marxer Friedhof in Vienna.


The grave of Katharina Waldmüller at the St. Marx Cemetery, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (17 Aug 2007)


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