Holzschuh, Lizzi

BORN 3 Jan 1908, Wien - DIED 23 Jul 1979, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Baden (near Wien), Niederösterreich: Helenenfriedhof, Steinbruchgasse

Lizzi Holzschuh appeared in Hubert Marischka's "Im weißen Rössl" (1931) at the Stadttheater in Vienna before she had her first movie part in "Lumpenkavaliere" (1932). In 1934 she played next to Willy Fritsch, Hans Moser and Adele Sandrock in "Die Töchter ihrer Exzellenz" and this was her breakthrough. "Himmel auf Erden" (1935) and "Unsterbliche Melodien" (1935) followed.

During the war she was in "Falstaff in Wien" (1940) and "Reisebekanntschaft" (1943). In 1945/1946 she was in Fritsch' movie "Wiener Mädeln" that was released in 1949. She wasn't able to match her former successes, although she appeared in "Weg in die Vergangenheit" in 1954.

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• cooperated with Marischka, Hubert


Lizzy Holzschuh.
Picture by Intergloria Film


The grave of Lizzy Holzschuh at the Helenenfriedhof in Baden near Vienna.
Picture by Androom (21 Aug 2009)


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