Kuehl, Gotthard

BORN 28 Nov 1850, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein - DIED 9 Jan 1915, Dresden, Sachsen
GRAVE LOCATION Dresden, Sachsen: Städtische Friedhof und Urnenhain Tolkewitz, Wehlener Strasse (U (ashes))

Gotthard Kuehl was the son of Simon Kükl, who was the sexton and the organist of the St Lorenz Church in Lübeck. He studied at the art academies of Dresden and Munich. He lived in Paris from 1879 to 1889 and for study he visited Italy and the Netherlands. In 1880 he maried Henriette Simonson-Castelli (1860-1921), the daughter of the painter Davind Simonson.

Around 1900 he and his friend Carl Bantzer were instrumental in the establishment of the Verein bildender Künstler Dresden and they introduced impressionism in Dresden. He obtained a professorship at the Art Academy in Dresden in 1895. In 1896 he won a gold medal at the International Art Exhibition in Berlin. In 1902 he co-founded the artists' association "Die Elbier". He received the Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and Art in 1913.

Related persons
• was teacher of Moll, Carl


The grave of Gotthardt Kuehl at the Urnenhain Tolkewitz, Dresden.
Picture by Androom (27 Aug 2012)


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