Eberwein, Carl

BORN 10 Nov 1786, Weimar, Thüringen - DIED 2 Mar 1868, Weimar, Thüringen
GRAVE LOCATION Weimar, Thüringen: Historischer Friedhof (Alter Friedhof, Neuer Friedhof, Friedhof vor dem Frauentor), Poseckscher Garten (Eastern wall)

Son of the local musician Alexander Bartholomäus Eberwein (1751-1811) from Weimar. He was a pupil of Carl Zelter in Berlin. In 1812 he married Henriette Hässler, a successful opera singer.

He was a good friend of Goethe. He first conducted at Goethe's home when he was 21 years old and for 25 years he directed home concerts at Goethe's house. He also wrote music to several of Goethe's works.

• Wife: Eberwein, Henriette (1812-)

Related persons
• worked for Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von


The grave of Carl Eberwein and Henriette Hassler-Eberwein at the Friedhof vor dem Frauenturm, Weimar.
Picture by Androom (05 Feb 2005)


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Eberwein, Henriette

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