Mahler, Justine

BORN 15 Dec 1868, Jihlava (now in Czech Republic) - DIED 22 Aug 1938, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Grinzinger Friedhof, 19., An den langen Lüssen 33 (Gruppe 20, Reihe 5, Nummer 6)

Justine Mahler came from a family from eastern Bohemia. They were Jewish and spoke German. Her father Bernard (d.1889) was a coachman and an innkeeper. She was a younger sister of conductor and composer Gustav Mahler. After Gustav moved from Hamburg to Vienna in 1897 she joined him there in 1898 and kept house for him until he married Alma Schindler in 1902. One day later she married the violinist Arnold Rosé. They had two children, Alfred and Alma.

• Daughter: Rosé, Alma
• Husband: Rosé, Arnold (1902-1938)

Related persons
• is brother/sister of Mahler, Gustav


The grave of Arnold, Justine and Alma Rosé at the Grinzing Cemetery in Vienna. For Alma it's only a cenotaph (she died in Auschwitz).
Picture by androom (15 Aug 2006)


• Newman, Richard with Karen Kirtley, Alma Rosé, Vienna to Auschwitz, Amadeus Press, Cambridge, 2003

Majsch, Eduard

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