Lorber, Jakob

BORN 22 Jul 1800, Kanischa (near Maribor) - DIED 24 Aug 1864, Graz, Steiermark
GRAVE LOCATION Graz, Steiermark: St. Leonhard-Friedhof (110-120-041)

Jakob Lorber became master of the chapel of Triest in 1864, a position he had been aiming for since a long time. But on March 15, 1840 he heard "a voice in his heart" telling him that he should start writing.

From that moment her wrote for 24 years and it was said that he didn't change a single sentence. He was called "a scribe from God" and completed 25 voluminous works, detailing the doings of Christ on earth. His followers considered his work a New Revalation and believed he was a prophet. Since he didn't make any money wit his work he was frequently forced to write in very poor circumstances.


The grave of Jakob Lorber at the St. Leonhards-Friedhof, Graz.
Picture by Androom (11 Sep 2004)


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