Grimm, Ludwig Emil

BORN 14 Mar 1790, Hanau, Hessen - DIED 4 Apr 1863, Kassel, Hessen
GRAVE LOCATION Kassel, Hessen: Hauptfriedhof, Tannenheckerweg 6 (Abt. 4, Nr. 16)

Ludwig Emil Grimm was a brother of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. He studied at the Art Academy in Kassel under Johann Gottlieb Kobold and Andreas Range. He also received private lessons from Ernst Friedrich Ferdinand Robert. In 1807 he met Clemens Brentano, Bettina von Arnim and Friedrich Carl von Savigny. From 1808 he made illustrations for their works. He stayed with both Brentano and Savigny before he went to Munich, where he studied at the Art Academy from 1809 to 1814.

In 1814/1815 he fought against the French. In 5 Nov 1815 he met Goethe, who praised his work. In 1816 he travelled to Italy, where he met Overbeck, Von Cornelius, Thorvaldsen, Koch and others. He returned to Munich and moved on to Kassel in 1817. In Willingshausen he founded the Willingshäuser Malerkolonie in 1825. He married Marie Böttner in 1832. She was the daughter of professor Wilhelm Böttner (1752-1805). In 1833 their daughter Friederike was born.

In 1832 he was appointed professor at the Academy of Arts in Kassel. In 1837 he visited Munich and met Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld. He visited his brothers in Berlin in 1843, and there he met Christian Daniel Rauch and Adolph von Menzel. He also visited Dresden and Hannover. He died in 1863 in Kassel.

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The grave of Ludwig E. Grimm at the Hauptfriedhof, Kassel.
Picture by Androom (26 Aug 2017)


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