Willermoz, Jean-Baptiste

BORN 10 Jul 1730, Lyon - DIED 5 May 1824, Lyon
GRAVE LOCATION Lyon: Cimetière de Loyasse, 43, rue du Cardinal-Gerlier (10, on the left)

Jean-Baptiste Willermoz was educated at the Trinity School in Lyons. In 1754 he started a silk business of his own.

In 1750 he became a freemason and in 1752 he became the Worshipful Master of his lodge and in 1753 he started a new lodge, "La Parfaite Amitié", that joined the Mother Lodge of Lyons in 1756. He was Provincial Grandmaster from 1762 tot 1763 and afterwards Keeper of the Seals and Archivist. He had contacts in Paris and Germany and worked hard to reforms the complex rituals of the freemasons from within an organisation called C.B.C.S. (Chevaliers Bienfaisants de la Cité Sainte). His work was interupted by the French Revolution, but in 1806 the C.B.C.S. continued it's work in France.

In 1800 Bonaparte, the First Consul, appointed him conseiller général du département du Rhône. He held this post for 15 years. He continued his activities for the freemasons until his death in 1824.


The grave of Jean-Baptiste Willermoz at the Loyasse cimetière, Lyon.
Picture by Androom (03 Dec 2007)


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