Langhans, Carl Ferdinand

BORN 14 Jan 1781, Breslau (now: Wroclaw) - DIED 22 Nov 1869, Berlin
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Kirchhof Jerusalem und Neue Kirche III, Mehringdamm 21 (Halleschen Tor), Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (2/2-12-16 214)

Son of Karl Gotthard Langhans, who built the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. Karl Ferdinand followed in his father's footsteps, who was his teacher, together with David Gilly.

In Vienna he was involved in the construction of the Theater an der Wien before he settled in Breslau, where he married Julane Seile in 1817. She died in 1828.

In 1834 he moved to Berlin where he was commissioned to build the Altes Palais. He also built opera houses in Berlin and Leipzig and theatres in Legnica and Breslau. In 1857 he married Henriette Winckel (b.1833). They had no children.

The theatres he built in Leipzig and Dessau were both destroyed in later years.


The grave of Carl Ferdinand Langhans at the Kirchhof Jerusalem und Neue Kirche III, Halleschen Tor, Kreuzberg, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (08 Apr 2003)


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