Hahn-Paula, Manuela (Rabe Perplexum)

BORN 27 Dec 1956, München, Bayern - DIED 15 Jul 1996, München, Bayern
BIRTH NAME Hahn-Paula, Manuela Margareta
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide with medications
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Westfriedhof, Baldurstrasse 28 (066-2-31)

Rabe Perplexum was the artists' name of Manuela Hahn-Paula. She was a performance artist and a painter. She grew up in München-Hasenbergl. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich she was taught by Robin Page (1932-2015). In 1986 she received the Förderpreis Neue Ausdrucksformen Bildende Kunst der Landeshauptstadt München (Award for New Expressions of Fine Arts from the state capital of Munich).

Recurring themes in her work were death and suicide. She was married to Anton Paula. They separated but never divorced. She had a problem with being alone and always looked for attention. She drank heaviliy and always took risks. Shortly before she was forced to leave her appartment in 1996 she took an overdose of medications and she was found dead. She left no suicide note. She was buried in the grave of her grandmother and her mother at the Westfriedhof in Munich.


Rabe Perplexum's grave at the Westfriedhof, Munich. Her real name was Manuela Hahn-Paula.
Picture by Androom (20 Mar 2002)


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