Aguado, Alexandre Jean, Marquis de Las Marismas

BORN 29 Jun 1784, Sevilla, Andalucia - DIED 14 Apr 1842, Gijón
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Père Lachaise, Rue du Repos 16 (division 45, ligne 01, O, 17 (ashes))

Alexandre Aguado was the son of Alejandro Aguado de las Marismas, count of Montelirion and Mariana Remirez de Estenoz y Herrera. He distinguished himself during the Spanish Civil War against the French troops and sided with Joseph Bonaparte afterwards. In 1808 he joined the French Army and was aide-de-camp to Marshal Soult.

In 1815 he went into business in Paris and helped by his family connections in Havana and Mexico he soon became a successful banker. He negotiated several important loans for the Spanish governement between 1823 and 1831. In 1829 king Ferdinand VII awarded him the title of marquis. In 1828 he settled permanently in Paris and he obtained French citizenship. In 1827 he had bought the castle of Petit-Bourg in Évry-sur-Seine and in 1831 he became its mayor. He held several other properties in Paris and elsewhere in France.

In 1830 he married Maria del Carmen Victoria Moreno (1788 -1867) and they had three children. Aguado loved opera and was a patron and friend of Rossini. He was also involved in the management of the Paris Opera and the Théâtre-Italien. In 1842 he suddenly died in Gijon. His ashes were sent to Paris and a service was performed at the Église Notre-Dame-de-Lorette on 12 April 1842. His ashes were buried at Père Lachaise. His important collection of mostly Spanish paintings was publicly sold in 1843.

• Son: Aguado, Alexandre Jean Marie Manuel


The grave of Alexandre Jean de Aguado at Père Lachaise, Paris.
Picture by Androom (02 Nov 2019)


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