Collodi, Carlo

BORN 24 Nov 1826, Firenze, Toscana - DIED 26 Oct 1890, Firenze, Toscana
BIRTH NAME Lorenzini, Carlo
GRAVE LOCATION Firenze, Toscana: Cimitero Monumentale delle Porte Sante

Carlo Collodi was born Carlos Lorenzini. He used his mother's native village as his pen name. He started his career as a journalist before he started writing fairy tales in 1856. Between 1848 and 1860 he volunteered in the army of Tuscany. In 1849 his newspaper was censored by the Grand Duke but it re-appeared in 1860.

In 1856 he was successful with his novel "In vapore" but he is mainly remembered for "Le avventure di Pinocchio" ("The Adventures of Pinocchio", 1883). In 1875 he first wrote children's fiction, starting with a translation of French fairy tales in 1875. He died in 1890 in Florenze and it was only after his death that Pinocchio became a huge success.


The Lorenzini mausoleum where Carlo Collodi was buried at the Cimitero Monumentale delle Porte Sante, Firenze.
Picture by Androom (05 Feb 2011)


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