Alt, Jakob

BORN 27 Sep 1789, Frankfurt am Main, Hessen - DIED 30 Sep 1872, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Zentralfriedhof, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234, Simmering (Gruppe 18, Reihe 02, Nummer 66)

Son of the carpenter Johann Leonhard Alt (1735-1798) from Frankfurt am Main. Miniature painter Johann Peter Beer (1782-1851) was his first teacher. In 1810 he moved to Vienna, where he started a family with his landlady and future wife, Maria Anna Schaller.

For the publishing house Artaria he produced his own series of scenery cards. He produced them between 1813 and 1820 and at the same time educated himself as a landscape painter. Several publications followed and between 1828 and 1833 he visited Italy twice.

Between 1830 and 1848 he worked for emperor Ferdinand I, painting the most beautiful views of the empire. He produced many watercolours and also worked as a lithographer. He was the teacher of his sons Rudolf and Franz, also painters.

He died in 1872 and was buried at the Katholische Friedhof Matzleinsdorf in Vienna. In later years his remains were transported to the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna.

• Son: Alt, Rudolf, Ritter von
• Son: Alt, Franz


The grave of Jakob Alt at the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (20 Sep 2004)


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Alt, Rudolf, Ritter von

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