Kielmansegg, Auguste Charlotte, Gräfin von

BORN 18 May 1777, Hermsdorf, Sachsen (near Dresden) - DIED 27 Mar 1863, Plauen, Sachsen (near Dresden)
BIRTH NAME Schönberg, Auguste Charlotte
GRAVE LOCATION Dresden, Sachsen: Alter Katholischer Friedhof, Friedrichstrasse 54

Daughter of Saxonian marshall Peter August von Schönberg. Her first husband was count Rochus August von Lynar, who died in 1800. In 1802 she married count Ferdinand Hans Ludolph von Kielmansegg. They separated in 1809 and divorced in 1812.

From 1809 to 1812 she lived in Paris, where she met Napoleon. She was an admirer of the emperor and when he visited Dresden in 1812 she was among the first to salute him. After Napoleon's defeat near Leipzig in 1813 she was arrested because she was believed to be a secret agent of the emperor. She was subsequently banished to her property in Lausitz.

It seems that she took initiatives to free Napoleon from his imprisonment at St. Helena in 1818-1819 but they led to nothing. In 1822 she became a catholic and by 1833 she was living in Dresden again. In 1840 she moved to a castle at the Weißeritz that was built by Johann Georg VI. There she indulged in art and literature. She had three legitimate children and a another son, Heinrich.

In 1848 she befriended the widow of Robert Blum, who had been executed in Vienna because of his part in the revolution. In 1927 her memoir of Napoleon was published by historian Gertrude Aretz.

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The grave of Auguste Charlotte gräfin von Kielmansegg at the Innerer Katholischen Friedhof, Dresden.
Picture by Androom (5 Aug 1998)


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