Schievelbein, Hermann

BORN 18 Nov 1817, Berlin - DIED 6 May 1867, Berlin
BIRTH NAME Schievelbein, Friedrich Anton Hermann
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Dorotheenstädtischen Friedhof, Chausseestrasse (CL-6-24)

Hermann Schievelbein was educated at the Academy in Berlin. He first exhibited his work at the Academy exhibition in 1836. He worked as an apprentice to L.W. Wichmann, who worked in the tradition of Schadow. His own work was mostly influenced by that of C.D. Rauch.

When he was 20 he moved to St. Petersburg, where he worked until 1841 under J.K.L. Hermann, himself a former pupil of Thorvaldsen. From 1841 until 1843 he resided in Rome and in 1844 he returned to Berlin, where he made one of the groups of statues for the Schlossbrücke.

In 1853 he became a member of the Academy in Berlin and in 1860 he became Professor at the Academy.

Work: Monument for Freiherrn vom und zum Stein (Unter den Linden, Berlin).

Related persons
• was influenced by Rauch, Christian Daniel


The grave of F.A.H. Schievelbein at the Dorotheenstädtischen Friedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (26 Mar 2007)


Berlin Dorotheenstädtischen Friedhof, Berlin

Schiller von Pfingsten, Maria Magdalena von

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