Denuelle, Eléonore

BORN 3 Sep 1787, Paris: rue Poissonnière - DIED 30 Jan 1868, Paris: rue Malherbes
BIRTH NAME Denuelle de la Plaigne, Louise Catherine Éléonore
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Père Lachaise, Rue du Repos 16 (division 41 (near Volney Piramide))

Elénore Denuelele was born in a middle class family. On 15 Jan 1805 she married Jean-François Revel-Honoré, who had served in the army. Soon after they married he was arrested for fraud and senctenced to two years of imprisonment. Op 29 Apr 1806 they divorced.

She was employed as the lectrice of Caroline Murat, but she soon became the mistress of her husband Joachim Murat. He recommended her to Napoleon I and thus she became the mistress of the emperor himself. Within a year their son Léon was born. Napoleon was delighted when he heard the news, because now he was sure that was able to have children and it was his wife Joséphine who was infertile, not himself.

She didn't see Napoleon again. He refused to receive her when she went to Fontainebleau after his return to France and in 1808 he arranged her marriage to Pierre-Philippe Augier of Sauzay, a young lieutenant. They moved to Spain and Augier was reported missing in action in 1812 in Russia.

After she was widowed, Stephanie de Beauharnais invited her to stay in Mannheim. In 1814 she married Count Charles-Emile-Auguste-Louis de Luxbourg and the marriage lasted until he died in 1849. In her later years she lived in Mannheim and in Paris. Élenore died in 1868 in her appartment in Paris.

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• was a friend of Bonaparte, Carolina
• was painted by Gérard, François, baron
• was the lover of Murat, Joachim, king of Naples
• was the lover of Napoleon I Bonaparte

31/12/1806Napoleon hears of the birth of his son, Léon Denuelle. He was in Pulstick in Poland when he heard that his mistress Eléonore Denuelle had given birth to a son on 13 Dec. He was full of joy because now he realised that he was able to have children. [Napoleon I Bonaparte]


The grave of Eléonore Denuelle at Père Lachaise, Paris.
Picture by Androom (24 Oct 2014)


The grave of Eléonore Denuelle at Père Lachaise, Paris.
Picture by Androom (24 Oct 2014)


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