Gavarni, Paul

BORN 13 Jan 1804, Paris - DIED 24 Nov 1866, Paris: Auteuil
BIRTH NAME Chevalier, Suipice Guillaume
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Auteuil Cimetière, Rue Claude Lorrain, Auteuil (division 8)

Paul Gavarni was the son of the cooper Sulpice Chevalier. He started out as a mechanical worker but in the evenings he took drawing lessons. He was about thirty years old before his drawings were published in "Journal des modes". François Caboche invited him to create caricature drawings for Le Charivari. He didn't like the captions that the editors added to them and from then on wrote his own.

Gavarni illustrated novels by Honoré de Balzac and also Eugène Sue's "Wandering Jew". At a certain time he was imprisoned because of debts. After he was released he wrote about this in "L'Argent" ("Money"). In 1849 he visited England. His later drawings were published in the weekly paper L'Illustration. He died in 1866 in Paris.


The grave of Paul Gavarni at the Auteuil Cemetery, Paris.
Picture by Androom (04 Nov 2016)


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