Holl, Francis

BORN 23 Mar 1815, London: Bayham Street, Camden Town - DIED 14 Jan 1884, London
CAUSE OF DEATH peritonitis
GRAVE LOCATION London: Highgate Cemetery West, Swain's Lane, Highgate

Francis Holl was the son of the well known engraver William Holl the Elder (1771-1838). His mother was Mary Ravencroft. His father was also his teacher. Francis created engravings for books and was busy for 25 yers engraving the pictures of Queen Victoria. He illustrated "Life of the Prince Consort" by Theodore Martin. In 1841 he married Alicia Margaret Dixon, the daughter of a naval officer who was wounded at the Battle of Trafalgar. He was an enthousiastic amateur actor with the company "The Histrionics". He often played comic parts for the Artists' General Benevolent Fund.

Between 1856 and 1883 he exhibited 20 of his engravings at the Royal Academy. In 1883 he was elected an associate engraver. For many years he lived at 30 Gloucester Road in London. Circa 1879 he moved to Milford in Surrey. He died in London in 1884 and he was buried in the western part of Highgate Cemetery. His widow Alice Margaret was buried at the same grave in 1899. The painter Frank Holl (1845-1888) was his son.

• Son: Holl, Frank

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• was painted by Holl, Frank


The grave of Francis Holl at Highgate West Cemetery in London.
Picture by Androom (15 Jun 2022)


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Holl, Frank

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