Donkin, Horatio Bryan

BORN 1 Feb 1845, Blackheath, Kent - DIED 26 Jul 1927, London
GRAVE LOCATION London: Nunhead Cemetery, Linden Grove

Horation Bryan was the son of the civil engineer Bryan Donkin and the grandson of another engineer Bryan Donkin. He studied at Queen's College, Oxford. Initially he planned to enter the Bar, but hestudied medicine at St. Thomasís Hospital instead. In 1873 he graduated.

He worked as pysician as well as a lecturer on clinical medicine. He worked for the Westminster Hospital and for the East London Hospital of Children. In 1893 he published "Diseases of Children". In 1898 he ended his work for hospitals when he became a commissioner of prisons. From 1904 to 1908 he served as a member of the Royal Commission on care and control of the feeble-minded. In 1911 he was knighted.

Around 1885 he fell in love with the novelist Olive Schreiner and he proposed to her several times. Although she liked him she didn't love him back and she found it hard to escape from his attentions. His first wife Augusta (1856-1919) was a daughter of the Polish count di Langhi. His second wife Marie was a daughter of William Reston from North Carolina.

• Father: Donkin, Bryan

Related persons
• was physician to Marx, Eleanor


The grave of Bryan Donkin at Nunhead Cemetery, London.
Picture by Androom (03 Aug 2019)


Sir Horatio Bryan Donkin | RCP Museum

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