Marx, Eleanor

BORN 16 Jan 1855, London - DIED 31 Mar 1898, London
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide by poisoning
GRAVE LOCATION London: Highgate Cemetery East, Swain's Lane, Highgate (Marx Tomb (ashes))

Daughter of Karl Marx. Her nickname was Tussy. She was very active for the Social Democratic Federation and the Women's Trade Union League. From 1884 onwards she lived with the dramatist Edward Aveling. In 1886 she travelled with Wilhelm Liebknecht in the USA to raise funds.

After she had been nursed the ailing Aveling she found out that he had secretly married a young actress. She committed suicide and in 1956 her ashes were buried in the grave of her parents at Highgate East Cemetery.

• Father: Marx, Karl Heinrich

Related persons
• was a friend of Black, Clementina
• had as physician Donkin, Horatio Bryan


The grave of Karl Marx at Highgate Cemetery East, London.
Picture by Androom (26 Mar 1996)


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Marx, Karl Heinrich

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