Fresenius, Theodor Wilhelm

BORN 1 Jul 1856, Wiesbaden, Hessen - DIED 2 Apr 1936, Wiesbaden, Hessen
GRAVE LOCATION Wiesbaden, Hessen: Nordfriedhof, Platter Strasse

Theodor Wilhelm Fresenius was a son of Carl Remigius Fresenius. His mother Charlotte Rumpft was a daughter of literary scientist F.K. Rumpf. He studied at his father's laboratory and at the University of Strasbourg. After his father's death in 1897 he took over the laboratory together with his brother Heinrich and his brother in law Ernst Hintz. In 1888 he became a member of the Leopoldina. He was active in the evangelical church and the chairman of the parisj of Wiesbaden.

• Father: Fresenius, Carl Remigius
• Son: Fresenius, Remugius Ludwig


The grave of Wilhelm Fresenius at the Nordfriedhof, Wiesbaden.
Picture by Androom (26 Jul 2018)


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