Prinster, Kathi

BORN 26 Jun 1811 - DIED 9 Sep 1888
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Hietzinger Friedhof, Maxingstraße 15, Hietzing (Gruppe 06, Nummer 12a)

Kathi Prinster was the niece of the famous dancer Fanny Elssler. She travelled with Fanny to the USA in 1840 and afterwards lived with her in Vienna. She died four years after Fanny in 1884 and was buried in the same grave at Hietzing Cemetery, Vienna.

Related persons
• is cousin of Elssler, Fanny


The grave of Fanny Elssler and her cousin Kathy Prinster at the Hietzing Friedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (26 Aug 2014)


Probyn, May

Published: 18 Feb 2022
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