Perigal, Arthur

BORN c1784 - DIED 19 Sep 1847, Edinburgh: 21 Hill Street
GRAVE LOCATION Edinburgh: Dean Cemetery, Dean Path (original cemetery, near the north-west corner)

Arthur Perigal was a student of Henri Fuseli at the Royal Academy in London. In 1811 he won the Gold Medal for historial painting for his "Themistocles taking Refuge at the Court of Admetus". He worked as a portrait painter in London before he moved to Northampton and then Manchester around 1820.

He finally settled in Edinburgh, where he worked as a drawing teacher. In 1833 he started exhibiting both portraits and landscapes at the Royal Scottish Academy. He died in Edinburgh in 1847. His son Arthur Perigal (1816-1884) was a landscape-painter as well.

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• was painted by Macnee, Daniel


The grave of Arthur Perigal at Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh.
Picture by Androom (05 Nov 2019)


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