Hübnerová, Marie

BORN 11 Jun 1866, Slatina nad Zdobnicí - DIED 5 Aug 1931, Praha: Podolsk
GRAVE LOCATION Praha: Olsany Cemetery, 2807 Vinohradská (Cemetery 5, Section 10, Grave 57)

Marie Hübnerová was raised in a German monastery in Brno after her father died. In 1882 she joined Kosner's theater company. In 1887 she was engaged by F. Ludvík. From 1891 to 1892 she worked for the National Theatre in Brno. She joined the director of that theatre, Václav Hübner, when he created his own company. After Hübner's wife Anna died in 1891 she married him on 11 February 1893.

In 1896 she became a member of the ensemble of the National Theatre in Prague and there she remained until her death. She played 370 different parts and also performed in Pilen and Bratislava. Between 1910 and 1929 she also appeared in Vienna as well. In 1931 she played the part of Fanka in Capek's movie "The Robber".


The grave of Marie Hübnerová at the Olsany Cemetery, Prague.
Picture by Androom (12 Aug 2019)


Hubscher, Catherine (Madama Sans-Gęne)

Published: 21 Jun 2020
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