Zátková, Ruzena

BORN 15 Mar 1885, Kamenný Újezd, Bohemia - DIED 29 Oct 1923, Leysin, Vaud
CAUSE OF DEATH tuberculosis
GRAVE LOCATION Praha: Olsany Cemetery, 2807 Vinohradská (Cemetery 5, Section 8, Grave 55,57)

Ruzena Zátková was born in a wealthy family in Bohemia as one of five sisters. Her mother was an able pianis and encouraged the artistical education of her faughters. She studied under the painter Antonín Slavícek in Prague and also attended drawing classes in Munich.

In 1910 she married the Russian diplomat Basilo Kwoshinky and she went with him to live near Rome. But he was homosexual and soon they separated and lived apart during their further lives. She moved to Rome where she met started a long term affair with Arturo Cappa, the brother of the futurist artist Benedetta Cappa. She entered the circle of futurists around Tommaso Marinetti in 1915. In 1922 her work was exhibited at the Casa d'Arte Bragalia in Rome. But her health detoriated and in 1923 she died from tuberculosis.

Related persons
• was painted by Bakst, Léon
• painted Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso


The grave of Ruzena Zátková at the Olsany Cemetery, Prague.
Picture by Androom (12 Aug 2019)


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