Hesse, Ninon

BORN 18 Sep 1895, Czernowitz (now: Chernovtsy), Ukraine - DIED 22 Sep 1966, Montagnola, Ticino
BIRTH NAME Auslšnder, Ninon
GRAVE LOCATION Gentilino, Collina d'Oro, Ticino: Cimitero di Sant'Abbondio, Via in Sacca 1

Ninon Auslšnder was the daughter of a Jewish lawyer from the Ukrain. She studied archaeology, art history and maedicin in Vienna. In 1918 she married the caricaturist Benedikt Dolbin. She left him in 1920. In 1922 she met Hermann Hesse, whom she had written a letter in 1910. In 1927 they started living together in Montagola and in 1931 they were married.

When Hesse's eyesight detoriated she enabled him to continu working by reading to him and writing for him. He died in 1962 and she collected and edited his writings afterwards. In 1966 she died in Montagnola and she was buried next to Hesse.

• Husband: Hesse, Hermann (1931-1962)


The grave of Ninon Hesse at the Cimitero di Sant'Abbondio in Gentilini, Ticino.
Picture by Androom (15 Feb 2019)


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