Holberry, Samuel

BORN 18 Nov 1814, Gamston, Nottinghamshire - DIED 21 Jun 1842, York, Yorkshire: York Castle
GRAVE LOCATION Sheffield, South Yorkshire: Sheffield General Cemetery, Cemetery Road

Samuel Holberry was a chartist activist. He joined the army in 1832. He left it in 1835 and moved to Sheffield, where he became a distiller. On 22 Oct 1838 he married Maty Cooper. He took part in several protests that were aimed at extending the rights that were granted by the Reform Act.

After the Newport Rising of 1839 he planned a rising in Sheffield together with several others. They were betrayed by the landlord of a pub in Rotherham and after identifying the leaders of the plot both Samuel and Mary were arrested. Samuel admitted to what he had done and he was sentenced to four years of imprisonment. In the Northallerton House of Correction he was put on the treadwheel and he fell ill with consumption. He was transferred to York Castle, where he died in June 1842.

His burial at Sheffield General Cemetery was attended by 20,000 to 50,000 people who lined the routes. In Sheffield the Holberry Cascades in the Peace Gardens were named after him.


The grave of Samuel Holberry at Sheffield General Cemetery, Sheffield.
Picture by Androom (30 Mar 2018)


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