Fersen, Hedda von

BORN 2 Jul 1753 - DIED 8 Nov 1792, Pisa, Toscana
BIRTH NAME Fersen, Hedvig Eleonora von
GRAVE LOCATION Livorno, Toscana: Antico Cimitero degli Inglesi, Via Giuseppe Verdi

Hedda von Fersen was the daughter of Axel von Fersen (1719-1794) Hedvig Catharina De la Gardie (1732-1800). Axel Fersen the Younger (1755-1810) was her brother. She was educated well and was known for her intellectual powers. In 1773 she married Thure Leonard von Klinkowström and had four children with him.

Urged by her husband for economical reasons, in 1774 she became lady of the bedchamber to queen Sophia Magdalena of Denmark. She became a friend of princess Hedvig Elizabeth Charlotte. She was also on friendly terms with Gustav III and she discussed politics with him. After Gustav III came into conflict with the nobility in 1789 she sided against him. He also had a conflict with the queen and suspected Hedda of setting her up against him. On his deathbed in 1792 he asked her to meet him for a reconciliation. The king died in March 1792 and Hedda died later that year in Pisa.


The grave of Hedda von Fersen at the Antico Cimitero degli Inglesi, Livorno.
Picture by Androom (17 Feb 2018)


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