Baptiste, Muriel

BORN 11 Jul 1943, Lyon - DIED 7 Jul 1995, Paris, 8e
BIRTH NAME Baptiste, Yvette
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide with mix of alcohol and medications
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Cimetière parisien de Pantin, Pantin, Seine-St. Denis (division 115, ligne 3, tombe 2 (as Yvette Baptiste))

Muriel Baptiste was the daughter of Roger Baptiste (1915-1971). Her mother's name was Mireille Renée Yvette Meunier (1922-1998). Her parents divorced in 1951. She was raised by an aunt before she was sent to boarding houses in England and France. She wanted to be a dancer, but a ski accident when she was thirteen years old made this problematic. She switched to journalism and she worked as editorial secretary for "Paris Match". But she didnt like the work and became a fashion model instead. The next step was to become an actress and after taking lessons under Yves Furet she debuted in the play "Gigi" in 1964. It was immediately successful and earned her parts in several movies during the next few years.

In the 1960s she was especially successful in television productions and she was the star in "La Princesse du rail". After 1974 she was offered no more attractive parts and she was quickly forgotten by the public. In 1977 she attempted a come back burt if failed. Her half-brother Jérôme died of AIDS in 1991. In 1995 she committed suicide by absorbing a combination of drugs and alcohol.


The grave of Muriel Baptiste at the Cimetière Parisien de Pantin, Paris.
Picture by Androom (04 Nov 2017)


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