Goepfart, Karl

BORN 8 Mar 1859, Mönchenholzhausen, Thüringen - DIED 30 Jan 1942, Weimar, Thüringen
BIRTH NAME Goepfart, Karl Eduard
GRAVE LOCATION Potsdam, Brandenburg: Evangelischer Friedhof Bornstedt, Ribbeckstraße

Karl Goepfart was the son of the teacher and cantor Christian Heinrich Goepfart. He was educated by his father before he became a student at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar in 1873. In 1873 he also visited the USA and gave piano recitals. From 1875 to 1876 he was engaged as a conductor in Baltimore. In 1876 he continued his studies in Weimar, where he attended Franz Liszt's thursday classes. He owned a manuscript score of Liszt's oratorio "Die Legende von der heiligen Elisabeth". In 1877 he entered the army and he was a regiment musician until 1880. After 1880 he was choral conductor in Ulm, Mannheim, Magdeburg, Baden-Baden and Remscheidt.

In 1885 he wrote his fairy-tale opera "Beerenlieschen oder die güldene Kette" that was staged at the Court Theatre in Weimar. The libretto was written by Auguste Danne. Another opera, "Quintin Messis, der Schmied von Antwerpen". was staged in 1887. From 1909 to 1927 he lived and worked in Potsdam. There his wife Rosa died of cancer after a short but happy marriage. After his death in Weimar in 1942 he was buried next to his wife in Potsdamn.

Related persons
• was pupil of Liszt, Franz


The grave of Karl Goepfart at the Bornstedter Friedhof, Potsdam.
Picture by Androom (22 Aug 2017)


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