Gingell, William

BORN 22 Mar 1819, London: St. Pancras - DIED 23 May 1900, Bristol
BIRTH NAME Gingell, William Bruce
GRAVE LOCATION Bristol: Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bath Road

William Gingell designed many commercial and industrial buildings in Bristol. He was in a partnership with John Henry Hirst for a while and later for a short while with Thomas Royse Lysaght. In 1850 he married Ellen Madge (d.1875). In 1851 they had a daughter, Sophia (d.1905).

He was influential in the Bristol Byzantine architectural style. Among his designs were Gardiners warehouse, the Granary, Lloyds Bank (1857) and the King David hotel, all in Bristol. He also designed Moorehouse in Leeds.


The grave of William Gingell at Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol.
Picture by Androom (16 Aug 2017)


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