Picault, Henriette, vicomtesse de Belloy

BORN 1769, Saint-Domingue - DIED 30 Sep 1838, Bergerac, Dordogne
GRAVE LOCATION Bergerac, Dordogne: Cimetière Beauferrier, 33 rue Beauferrier

Daughter of Charles Picault, a rich planter. She married Gabriel-Emmanuel de Belloy on 22 Dec 1789. He died in 1802. She went to London, where she was the mistress of Chateaubriand during his time there. In 1810 she married Victor, baron Malouet (1740-1814), a sugar planter and a politician.

She died in 1838 in Bergerac and was buried at the Cimetière Beauferrier. Het tomb is the oldest of the cemetery.


The grave of Henriette Picault, vicomtesse de Bellow at the Cimetière Beauferrier, Bergerac.
Picture by Androom (10 May 2017)


Pichler, Karoline

Published: 11 Jun 2017
Last update: 25 Apr 2022