Papin, Jean-Baptiste

BORN 10 Nov 1756, Aire-sur-l'Adour, Landes - DIED 3 Feb 1809, Benquet, Landes
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Panthéon (Caveau V)

Jean-Baptiste Papin was the son of the judge Louis Papin. His mother was Marie Laffaille. He was educatred as a lawyer and on 12 September 1780 he married Marie Baptiste de Francine, the daughter of the merchant Jacques Francine. They had four children. His daughter Adèle would become the mistress of Napoleon I who really seems to have been in love with her.

In 1797 Papin was elected into the Conseil des Anciens (Council of Elders). He supported Napoleon Bonaparte's coup d'etat and he was elected into the Corps Législatif. Later he also became a member of the Sénat conservateur (Conservative Senate). In 1808 he received the title of Count of Saint-Christau. He died in 1809 at his Château de Benquet. He was buried in the Panthéon in Paris.


The tombs of De Caulaincourt, Beguinot and Papin at the Panthéon, Paris.
Picture by Androom (07 Nov 2016)


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