Badin, Jules

BORN 23 Jun 1843, Paris - DIED 5 Sep 1919, Beauvais, Oise
BIRTH NAME Badin, Jules Jean
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Passy Cimetière, 2 Rue du Commandant Schloesing (division 02 (Taffin de Givenchy tomb))

Jules Badin was the son of the painter Pierre-Adolphe Badin (1805-1876). He was educated by Alexandre Cabanel and Paul Baudry. He married Marguerite Diéterle (1853-1940) and they had at least six children.

He is best known for being the owner and director of the manufactory of gobelins in Beauvais, where he succeeded his father. During the war of 1870-1871 many tapestries were lost in fires and state patronage ended, but after the war demand increased when Paris was rebuilt.

As a painter he is mostly remembered for his history paintings and his portraits.

Related persons
• was pupil of Baudry, Paul


The grave of Jules Badin at Passy Cemetery, Paris.
Picture by Androom (06 Nov 2016)


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