Ullstein, Ferdinand Eduard

BORN 1862 - DIED 2 Jul 1912, Blechschmidtenhammer, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION Leipzig, Sachsen: Südfriedhof (X, Nr. 48 (ashes))

Ferdinand Eduard Ullstein was the son of Julius Ullstein (1823-1896) and Lina Ullstein-Gerson (1833-1906). Leopold Ullstein was his uncle. He was the owner of the paper wholesale company H.H. Ullstein, that was founded by his grandfather Haimann Hirsch Ullstein (1792-1875).

Related persons
• is nephew/niece of Ullstein, Leopold


The grave of Ferdinand Eduard Ullstein at the Südfriedhof, Leipzig.
Picture by Androom (03 Aug 2016)


144/365#20220524 - Germany - Leipzig: Grave pyramid of Ferdinand Eduard Ullstein at the South Cemetery Leipzig. He was a paper manufacturer, owner of … — Christian Rohleder on Glass Photography Community

Ullstein, Franz

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