Deibel, Rosemarie

BORN 11 Mar 1936, Weimar, Thüringen - DIED 17 Jul 2012, Weimar, Thüringen
BIRTH NAME Deibel, Rosemarie Martha Elise
GRAVE LOCATION Weimar, Thüringen: Historischer Friedhof, Poseckscher Garten

Rosemarie Deibel was a leading actress in Weimar for almost all her career. She was educated at the Max-Reinhardt-Schule in Berlin and debuted in Meiningen. For 51 years she worked for the Deutschen Nationaltheater in Weimar. Among her parts were Gretchen, Helene and "Mutter Courage". She also liked to appear at the smaller Schillerbühne in Rudolstadt. She continued acting until she suddenly died in her native Weimar in 2012.


The grave of Rosemarie Deibel at the Friedhof vor dem Frauentor, Weimar.
Picture by Androom (01 Aug 2016)


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Published: 18 Nov 2017
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