Friedl, Fritz von

BORN 8 Apr 1901, Pisek, Bohemia - DIED 3 Dec 1971, Wien
BIRTH NAME Liebentreu, Friedrich Waldemar Wilhelm Friedl, Ritter von
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Evangelischer Pfarrfriedhof Simmering, 11., Simmeringer Hauptstraße 242 (Gruppe 02, Nummer 440)

Fritz von Friedl was born in Pisek, Bohemia as the son of a colonel in the army. He grew up in Prague, Teplitz-Schönau and from 1912 in Vienna. He was enlisted in the army a few weeks before the Austrian Empire broke down. From 1920 to 1924 he worked for the Wienar Bankverein but he lost his job as a result of the economic crisis.

He learned photography in Vienna and Berlin and from 1926 he assisted several cameramen for six years. In 1932 he became a cameraman himself. He assisted Leni Riefenstahl for several scenes of her "Olympia" propaganda movie. During the Second World War he created propaganda photographs, mostly for the Wehrmacht.

After the war he resumed his work as a cameraman for the cinema newsreel "Welt im Film". After that he worked as a cameraman for documentaries. From 1963 he taught at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. His son Fritz von Friedl (b.1941) and his daughter Loni von Friedl (b.1943) both became actors.

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The grave of Fritz von Friedl at the Evangelischer Pfarrfriedhof Simmering, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (15 Aug 2019)


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