Bosset, Vera de

BORN 7 Jan 1888, St. Petersburg - DIED 17 Sep 1982, New York, New York City: Manhattan
BIRTH NAME Bosse, Vera Arturovna
GRAVE LOCATION Venezia, Veneto: Cimetero di San Michele, Isola San Michele (Rec. XIV Rap. Greci (corner right under))

Vera de Bosse was born into a noble Baltic family of German descent. She would change her name from Bosse to Bosset to hide her German ancestry.

She became a dancer an married the painter and stage designer Serge Sudeikin. In 1921 she met Igor Stravinsky, who was married as well. They started an affair that resulted in her leaving her husband. Strawinsky led a double life until his wife Katerina died of tuberculosis in 1939. In 1940 he married Vera in Bedford, Massachusetts.

After Stravinsky's death in 1971 she lived in New York, where she died in 1982, aged 94. She was buried with Stravinsky in Venice.

• Husband: Stravinsky, Igor (1940-1971, Bedford, Massachusetts)


The grave of Igor and Vera Stravinsky at the Cimitero di San Michele, Venice.
Picture by Androom (13 Feb 2016)


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