Janu, Zorka

BORN 9 Jul 1921, Praha - DIED 24 Mar 1946, Praha
BIRTH NAME Babková, Zora
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide by jumping out of window
GRAVE LOCATION Praha: Strasnice Crematorium, Vinohradská

Zorka Janu was the younger sister of the famous actress Lída Baarová. She appeared next to her sister in the move "Madla z cihelny" ("Brickmaker's daughter") when she was only twelve years old. In Prague she studied at the Academy of Performing Arts. In 1939 she had her first main movie part in "Ohnivé léto" ("Fiery Summer"). At the set of this movie she fell in love with the author and poet Frantisek Kozík.

In 1940 she appeared in "Baron Munchhausen". During the war she used the name Irene Jahn for her acting work. After the war Lída was imprisoned and her mother died during an interrogation by a Czech tribunal. Zarka lost her work and in desparation she killed herself by jumping out of a window.

Related persons
• is brother/sister of Baarova, Lida


The grave of Lida Baarova and Zorka Janu at the Strasnice Crematorium, Prague.
Picture by Androom (12 Aug 2019)


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