Jaques-Dalcroze, Émile

BORN 6 Jul 1855, Wien - DIED 1 Jul 1950, Genève
GRAVE LOCATION Genève, Genève: Cimetière de Plainpalais, Rue des Rois (D-344)

Émile Jacques-Dalcroze studied composition and was a pupil of Delibes in Paris and of Bruckner in Vienna. By 1892 he was a professor of harmony at the Conservatory of Geneva. In 1899 he married the Maria Anna Starace, better known as the soprano Nina Faliero (her professional name).

He developed a method of learning and experiencing music through movement that he called eurythmics. Around 1906 he started presenting his method to the public and in 1910 he started a school at Hellerau (near Dresden) with the help of the industrialist Wolf Dohrn. Among his pupils were prince Serge Wolkonsky, Vera Alvang and Valeria Cratina. When the First World War broke out the school ceased to exist.

The Institut Jaques-Dalcroze in Geneva was opened in 1915. From 1924 until 1926 he promoted his method in Paris. In 1936 eurythmics became a part of the curriculum in German schools. In 1942 he published an autobiography.

Related persons
• was pupil of Delibes, Léo


The grave of Émile Jacques-Delcroze at the Cimetière de Plainpalais, Genève.
Picture by Androom (06 Dec 2007)


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