Holm, Christian

BORN 18 Feb 1804, Kopenhagen - DIED 24 Jul 1846, Tivoli, Lazio
BIRTH NAME Holm, Christian Frederik Carl
GRAVE LOCATION Roma, Lazio: Cimitero Acattolico, Via Caio Cestio 6 (Zona Prima, 7.12 (1072))

Christian Holm is best known as a painter of animals and hunting scenes. His father was a goldsmith. He studied engraving under Johan Frederik Clemens at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts before he decided to become a painter. In 1825 he studied under Christian David Gebauer and in that year he won a silver medal. He wanted to become a battle painter but there was peace at the time and Gebauer advised him to become an animal painter, but he chose to paint interpretations of historical battles instead.

In 1830 he went to Dresden and Munich and created his first animal paintings. In 1832 he married Rosalie Petit and they settled in Munich. There his career took off. In 1838 he visited Rome and in 1845 he moved there permanently with his family. King Christian VIII ordered several paintings from him. In 1846 he contracted a fever, possibly from working too hard in the sun. He died a few days later. After his burial at the Protestant Cemetery in Rome his wife went back to Copenhagen where she became an engraver.


The grave of Christian Holm at the Cimitero Acattolico, Rome.
Picture by Androom (27 Feb 2015)


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