Albregt-Engelman, Wilhelmina

BORN 17 Jan 1834, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland - DIED 15 Feb 1902, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
BIRTH NAME Engelman, Wilhelmina Johanna Reiniera
GRAVE LOCATION Amsterdam, Noord-Holland: Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats, Kruislaan 126 (02-10a-001)

Wilhelmina Engelman was the third daughter of the actor Reinier Engelman (1795-1845) and the actress Maria Francisca Bia (1809-1899). She first entered the stage in 1839 when she was only five years old. In 1848 she was engaged at the Schouwburg in Amsterdam. She was especially successful in comical parts.

In 1852 she married the actor Jan Herman Albregt and they had two sons and three daughters who reached adulthood. She continued her career in Amsterdam until Jan Eduard de Vries left there in 1859 to start a new company in Rotterdam. She followed him and from 1868 onwards this company was managed by her husband and Daan van Ollefen. In 1873 she celebrated her 25th anniversary on the stage with a performance of Dorine in a part by Molière.

In 1876 she returned to Amsterdam where she lived at the Vondelkade (now Overtoom). Her husband died there in 1879. She was engaged at the Nederlandch Toneel and now she played mothers and elderly ladies. In 1898 her fiftieth year on the stage was celebrated when Justus van Maurik wrote "Oude Sientje" for her and she performed the title role.

After her death in 1902 she was buried in her husband's grave at the Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats in Amsterdam.

• Husband: Albregt, Jan Herman (1852-1879)


The grave of Jan and Wilhelmina Albregt at Nieuwe Ooster cemetery, Amsterdam.
Picture by Androom (23 May 2008)


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