Sada, Carlo di Bellagio

BORN 14 May 1809, Bellagio, Lombardia - DIED 31 Aug 1873, Milano, Lombardia
GRAVE LOCATION Torino, Piemonte: Cimitero Monumentale, Corso Novara (Prima Ampliazione Arcata 103)

Carlo Sada studied at the Accademia di Brera in Milan where he won prizes in competitions in 1827 and 1830. His first project was the remaking of the palace and villa Bolsesio in Cremona in classicist style.

He studied with Pelagio Palagi in Bologna and when Palagi was commisioned by Carlo Alberto of Savoy to renovate the Savoy residence in Racconigi he took Sada with him. Sada was asked to rebuild the decoration of the Carignano theater (1838-45). In 1841 he became the architect of the Royal House of Savoy for the royal palaces. The city of Turin asked him to expand the Cimitero Monumentale. Other important works were the Chiesa di San Massimo in Turin and the ospedale San Paolo in Savona.

He had married Matilde Viale and they had a son, Carlo Sada jr. (1849-1924) who became an architect as well. He died in 1873 and was buried at the Cimitero Monumentale in Turin where his tomb was designed by Giulio Monteverde.


The grave of Carlo Sada at the Cimitero Monumentale, Turin.
Picture by Androom (28 Feb 2014)


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