Hassel, Romanus

BORN 1 Dec 1822, Kassel, Hessen - DIED 4 Jul 1897, Meiningen, Thüringen
GRAVE LOCATION Meiningen, Thüringen: Parkfriedhof, Am Steinernen Berg

Romanus Hassel started his career as a singer in a choir. From 1841 to 1853 he was engaged as a comedian in Rostock. After that he worked in Königsberg, Potsdam and at the Friedrich-wilhelmstädtischern Theater in Berlin. In 1872 he moved to Meiningen, where he played many parts at the Court Theatre. He died in Meiningen in 1872.


The grave of Romanus Hassel at the Parkfriedhof, Meiningen.
Picture by Androom (30 Aug 2013)


Hasslinger-Hassingen, Johann von

Published: 30 May 2020
Last update: 29 Mar 2022