Grimm, Herman Friedrich

BORN 6 Jan 1828, Kassel, Hessen - DIED 16 Jun 1901, Berlin
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Alter St. Matthäus Friedhof, Grossgörschenstrasse 12 (F-s-1/14)

Hermann Grimm was the son of Wilhelm Grimm and his wife Dorothea Wild. From 1831 onwards he lived in Berlin where the historian Leopold von Ranke was his teacher. From 1847 onwards he studied law and philology. He was part of the circle among Goethe's friend Bettina von Arnim and in 1859 he married her daughter Gisela von Arnim.

His "Das Leben Michelangelos" was published in 1860/1863. He wrote further essays and biographies. In 1873 he became Professor of the New History of Art at Berlin University. He was a founding member of the Goethe-Gesellschaft. He died in 1901 in Berlin.

• Father: Grimm, Wilhelm Karl
• Wife: Arnim, Gisela von (1859-1889)

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The graves of the brothers Grimm and two of their sons at the Alter St. Matthäusfriedhof, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (21 Aug 1996)


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