Sandrock, Wilhelmine

BORN 5 Feb 1861, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland - DIED 29 Nov 1948, Berlin: Charlottenburg
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Evangelischer Friedhof Matzleinsdorf, 10. Triesterstraße 1 (GRU 165)

Wilhelmine Sandrock was the eldest daughter of the German merchant Eduard Sandrock (1834-1897) and the Dutch actress Nans ter Hagen (1833-1917). She grew up in Rotterdam and after her parents divorced in 1869 she lived in Berlin, where she learnt German.

She took received singing lessons at the Neuen Akademie der Tonkunst by its founder Theodor Jullak. Her mtother and Heinrich Oberländer gave her acting lessons. She debuted at the Königlichen Schauspielhaus in Berlin. After an engagement at the Wallner-theater in Berlin she worked for the Court Theatre in Saint Petersburg.

After her return to Berlin she often appeared as a singer. In 1884 Adolf von Wilbrandt contracted her for the Burgtheater in Vienna. She appeared there between 1895 and 1898, often with her younger sister Adele. For a short time she had an affair with Hermann Bahr. In 1898 she went to the Kaiserjubiläums-Stadttheater (now the Volksoper).

After the First World War she retired from the stage and settled in Berlin-Charlottenburg. After Adele died in 1937 she finished Adele's autobiography and published it in 1940. She died in Berlin in 1948. In 1959 her remains were moved from Charlottenburg to the grave of Adele at the Friedhof Matzleinsdorf in Vienna.

Related persons
• had a love affair with Bahr, Hermann
• is brother/sister of Sandrock, Adele


The grave of Adele Sandrock at the Evangelischer Friedhof Matzleinsdorf, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (26 Aug 2002)


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