Brentano, Franz

BORN 16 Jan 1838, Boppard, Rheinland-Pfalz: Kloster Marienberg - DIED 17 Mar 1917, Zürich
BIRTH NAME Brentano, Franz Clemens Honoratus Hermann Josef
GRAVE LOCATION Aschaffenburg, Bayern: Altstadtfriedhof, Lamprechtstrasse ((ashes))

Franz Brentano was the son of the writer Christian Brentano (1784-1851) and his wife Emilie (born Genger, 1810, 1882). Clemens von Brentano was his uncle. He grew up in Aschaffenburg and studied in Munich, Würzburg, Berlin and Münster. He was promoted in Tübingen. In 1864 he was ordained as a priest and from 1866 he taught philosophy in Würzburg. Before the First Vatican Council in 1870 he advocated against the canonization of papal infallibility but at that time he had already given up the Catholic faith. It took him until 1873 to resign from his priesthood.

In 1874 he was appointed professor of philosophy in Vienna. He wasn't allowed to marry because of his ordination. He left the church in 1879 and became a Saxon citizen. In 1880 he married Ida Lieben, the daughter of the banker Ignatz Lieben and the sister of a colleague. A former priest marrying caused a scandal and he was forced to resign his professorship in 1880. After that he worked as a private teacher in Vienna. He and Ida lived with two of her siblings and their families at the Todesco Palace in Vienna. Ida fell ill in 1894 and on her deathbed she begged him to remarry. After her death he left the Todesco Palace and after spending a few months in Switzerland he settled in Florence in 1895. In 1897 Emilie Rueprecht became his second wife.

From 1903 he started losing his eyesight. After Italy entered the First World War he fled to Zurich in 1915. After two eye operations he was blinded and in 1917 died of an infection of the appendix. He was buried in Zürich. In 1953 remains were exhumed at the request of his family and cremated. His urn was transferred to the family grave in Aschaffenburg.

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• is nephew/niece of Brentano, Clemens


The grave of Franz and Clemens Brentano at the Altstadtfriedhof, Aschaffenburg.
Picture by Androom (02 May 2013)


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