Brentano, Sophie

BORN 15 Aug 1776, Ehrenbreitstein, Rheinland-Pfalz (near Koblenz) - DIED 20 Sep 1800, Ossmannstedt, Thüringen: Gut Ossmannstedt
BIRTH NAME Brentano, Marie Sophie Therese
GRAVE LOCATION Ossmannstedt, Thüringen: Ossmannstedt (estate near Weimar)

Sophie Brentano was the daughter of the merchant Peter Brentano (1735-1797) and his wife Maximiliane von La Roche (1756-1793), the daughter of Sophie von La Roche (1730-1807), the former fiancee of C.M. Wieland. She lost an eye when she was four years old but she was still considered to be pretty. After the early death of her mother in 1793 she and her brother Clemens lived for several years with their aunt Luise in Koblenz. After her return to Frankfurt am Main she looked after her younger sisters. The author Bettine Brentano was one of them.

Sophie was very fond of her grandmother Sophie von La Roche and from 1799 she accompanied her on visits to Wielend on his estate Ossmannstedt near Weimar. She met many artists and scientists there and Wieland, who was 64 years old, became a close friend of Sophie, who was 23. After she had spent the summer of 1800 at Ossmannstedt she unexpectedly died there on 20 September 1800. She was buried at Ossmannstedt and later Wieland and his wife were buried in the same grave.

Related persons
• is brother/sister of Brentano, Clemens
• was a friend of Wieland, Christoph Martin


The grave of Christoph Martin Wieland and Sophie Brentano at the Wielandsgut, Ossmanstedt.
Picture by Androom (01 Aug 2016)


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