Fournel, Dominique Henry Louis

BORN 23 Mar 1813, Génicourt-sur-Meuse, Meuse - DIED 25 Aug 1846, Metz, Moselle
GRAVE LOCATION Metz, Moselle: Cimetière de l'Est, Rue du Roi Albert

Dominique Henry Louis Fournel succeeded Jean Jacques Holandre as professor of natural history at the Collège Royal de Metz. He was a Member of the Académie de Metz. In 1836 he published "Faune de la Moselle" and in 1846 "Catalogue des insectes coléoptères des environs de Metz". He was only 33 years old when he died in 1846. The poet and translator Charles Fournel (1817-1869) was his brother and the painter Eugénie Fournel was his sister.


The grave of D.H.L. Fournel at the Cimetière de l'Est, Metz.
Picture by Androom (22 Mar 2013)


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