Mongin, François Bernard

BORN 9 Mar 1757, Toul, Meurthe-et-Moselle - DIED 7 Jan 1837, Metz, Moselle
GRAVE LOCATION Metz, Moselle: Cimetière de l'Est, Rue du Roi Albert

François Bernard Mongin was the son of a librarian. He showed promise from an early age and was involved in several philosophical congresses in the late 1770s. He embraced the French revolution and propagated its ideas. From 1792 to 1793 he was a professor of theology in Nancy. In 1794 he returned to his native Toul where he became professor of 'histoire et morale' ('history and morals').

In 1796 he accepted a professorship in Meurthe. In 1803 his "Philosophie élémentaire, ou méthode analytique appliquée aux sciences et aux langues" was published. In 1809 he was appointed professor of philosophy at the Lycée in Metz. In 1814 he switched to rhetorics at the same college. He retired in 1827 and died in Metz in 1837.


The grave of François Mongin at the Cimetière de l'Est, Metz.
Picture by Androom (22 Mar 2013)


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